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About Us

Zuwa Re is a conscious Nubian brand that was birthed out of the love for the rich culture and heritage of the Nubian people. It represents the past, it is heavily influenced by the ancient era and the practices of the era. It promotes togetherness and unity through wearable art.

Zuwa Re tries to keep the stories of the ancestors alive through oral tradition.Every piece has a story that relates to our past,our way of life then and our value as a people. Although it is not mainstream fashion because of the ethos of the brand, it is a force to reckon with. Zuwa Re creative director is a self taught fashion designer who fuses her passion for fashion with her in-born sense of design inherited from her parents. This has worked as Zuwa Re has been honoured with numerous nominations and awards including the BEFFTA for fashion designer of the year.

Zuwa Re works closely with charities that empower and elevate the dreams of the desperate and abandoned African child and helps to restore hope through education. The brand has taken part in various community building fund raising activities to strengthen the bond among people of colour.A lot more collabora